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  How To Install Wall Stickers?



In UK Wall Stickers are also known as wall decals. They are the perfect way to freshen up a room of your home, and it is a time saving, non-permanent alternative to paint and wall paper. They are available in a wide variety of designs, with almost everything from a small sticker for one corner of the room to a full featured wall themes. However, most if not all people avoid this fun and easy way of wall decoration, thinking that it is too complicated and permanent.

Both of these things are not true. By nature, these stickers have distinctive and striking designs, still you may get bored of after a few days. Because of this, wall stickers are meant to be easily removable, with no damage or residue on your wall. So you can easily chop or change your living rooms as much as you need, without permanent alterations to bother about. This is especially useful when you are living in a rented house, with students or with parent's accommodation


But, few people can still be worried about the process of putting up wall decoration, thinking it is very complicated, especially if they have some bigger design. Here's some instructions to help you put up the wall sticker, which proves that the process is not too difficult.

Make sure your wall is clean and any new paint has left at least two to three weeks to settle in perfectly.  When you have a lot of separate stickers on a single sheet, cut the sheet so you can easily apply them one by one. Let the sheet in one piece when you just have the design.  Place your sticker on your wall where you would like it. Secure it with the help of masking tape.

There is a sticky backing of the design, the design itself and the cover sheet on the top of the sticker. Beginning from the top corner of the design, remove the sticky backing slowly, smoothing its design on the wall through the cover sheet, using a plastic device that comes with the wall sticker you purchased.

Keep moving with the design, until all the sticky backing has removed form design and it is now stuck on the wall below the cover sheet.  With the cover sheet still in place, smooth the whole design, focusing on edges as well as smaller pieces to keep them safe.  Begin from one corner, gradually remove cover sheet to reveal the brand new wall.

Reliable wall stickers can provide useful instructions with a sticker, but this is here to prove how simple this process is. You just need to attach it to the wall where you need it to go, remove the backing and then smooth on the design.  There are various options available with wall stickers, you can even have some to celebrate your events. Firms skeleton stickers and spooky cobwebs during Christmas and Halloween seasons.

You can find limitless options for wall stickers in UK , and they are a fun, easy, fast and artistic way to release an interior designer inside you.